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First day – Artisans from Macomer – Sardinia

First day - Artisans from Macomer – Sardinia

My craft tour starts from Macomer, in the province of Nuoro, where I have the chance to meet artisans and restaurateurs driven by a strong passion for they job and the love for Sardinian traditions. Macomer's ancient origins are plenty documented by the settlements of Nuragic period - situated where nowadays the urban area is located - and by different archeological areas in the neighbourhood, some of which are considered the most important of the island. Tamuli archeological complex is a stop recommended also by Tripadvisor travellers: just from reading the reviews, we can be impressed by the nuraghe's beauty and the particular ambience derived from the village and the graves immersed in the green hills.
A visit in Macomer can also inspire trekking fanatics and nature lovers, through the visit of Mount Sant'Antonio (Saint Anthony), characterized by a thick forest and provided for picnics. Once reached the summit, it is possible to admire the wonderful scenery and to visit Saint Anthony sanctuary and a nuraghe surrounded by the vegetation. If you are interested in a really suggestive visit at Mount Saint Anthony, it is suggested to be present on 13 June at Saint Anthony of Padua feast, when thousands of faithfuls from all the island are reunited in nature. After a stroll to know the village, it's time to have a rest and I set off towards Casa Castori, a historic building reproduced as more than a B&b by Castori sisters.
I immediately perceive a special atmosphere: it seems as if I've taken a leap in the past of this house, belonging to the family since more than hundred years.
Many are the elements that render my stay at Casa Castori as a travel within a travel, such as a workmanlike reconstruction, the traditional furniture that have been assigned to the able craftmen of the area, ancient pictures and Sardinian carnival mask exhibition.
After having a rest, I meet the first artisans of our tour in their Lab PLATDD. Barbara Pala and Antonella Tedde are a Fashion Designer and a Model maker respectively. After years of study and working experiences in the fashion business and in handicraft, they have decided to come back to Sardinia and set up a workshop where they can express their passion and expertise.
Within their workshop I can admire unique clothes, always made to measure, both modern and traditional: a remarkable exemple is the accurate reproduction of the coat of the traditional Macomer's costume, similar to the original 1850 model, realized in hand-made coarse woollen fabric and velvet.
Lab Platdd
They show me how a fashion collection comes to light within Pala's workshop, such as Mascaras (masks in Sardinian) collection – resulted from the desire to create clothes that could be both intellectual and romantic; the main theme is the connection created between Sardinian carnival world and the concept of disguise in society.
The day continues and my stomach is the first to realize it's time to have dinner.. I set off towards my next stop: Gigi's restaurant within the Hotel Marghine. During my conversation with the proprietors I find out that their restaurant and hotel has been influenced since sixty years by the wish to get tourists to know the real Sardinia, and not just in culinary orbit. The dinner is delicious and lavish: I begin with a starter with botargo and fruit
Bottarga e Frutta
than I taste a savoury vegetarian carbonara.
Carbonara di Verdure
The proprietors wish tourists and foreigners could know Sardinian colours and traditions: the rooms are extremely coloured and the dining room is decorated with typical Sardinian images.
Hotel Marghine Macomer
My first day of the tour comes to an end, waiting to discover new Sardinian colours and tastes.


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